Podróz w kraine Continuous Integration

4developers, Warsaw, April 2011

It was a real pleasure to come to Poland and do my “The Journey towards Continuous Integration” talk in Polish. The discussion and debate afterwards made it even better! Thanks to all involved!


Back to basics – PHPUnit

PHPNW User Group, March 2011

Third talk from “Back to basics” series. An introduction to PHPUnit, unit testing and automation concepts.


Back to basics – PHP_Codesniffer

PHPNW User Group, January 2011

After my December talk in Manchester, we have realised that a lot of people are not actually well prepared for all difficult and complex topics of CI. Therefor we decided to start from beginning and launch “Back to basics” talks. This was the first talk from the series about coding violations, ways to detect and report them.


Sonar – the ring to rule them all

PHPNW User Group, December 2010

After PHPNW 2010 a lot of people have asked me about Sonar. This talk feels the gap in my “The Journey towards Continuous Integration” talk about Sonar. It’s a brief introduction to Sonar and PHP plugin for it.


The Journey towards Continuous Integration

PHPNW, Manchester, October 2010

BTDevCon, Ipswitch, September 2010

Setting up buildbox and continuous integration platform has been my job and passion for the past year or so. This talk is really a complete walkthrough all the things we went through at Plusnet during the implementation time. Talk focused on tools, processes, problems and solutions is meant to be an inspiration for these that don’t believe it can be done. We’ve done it, so you can too!


vfsStream – effective filesystem mocking

PHPNW User Group, September 2010

My first talk at local user group meeting. With my recent experiments with vfsStream I decided to share my thoughts about this plugin for PHPUnit and how have I used it in my daily job.

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