April 23, 2014

A year of CodeClubbing at Malin Bridge Primary School

CodeClub logoI have just recently realised that I have been leading my CodeClub at Malin Bridge Primary School for a year now! How the time flies! I have seen kids coming and going, some of them returning back and a few of them keep attending our sessions week by week, hardly missing any of it! Right now I have a real mixture of kids with different experience, abilities and age. And all of them have a real passion when it comes to do codeclub projects – some of them continue to work and experiment with what they have done during our sessions afterwards at home!

I am gonna use this opportunity to show some of the brilliant piece of work they have created. I have spent quite a lot of time playing and trying to figure out what they have done and enjoyed it thoroughly. While some of them might seem to be not complicated at all, please remember they were created by kids 8-11 year old!

The best of Malin Bridge CodeClub 2013-2014

Dom Gun Game

A shooter game. Use your mouse to shoot. You have got 50 seconds to score as many points as possible.

Back To The Future style

This is an animation of a scene from Back To The Future Movie. Only mentioning it, because I am a huge fan of Back to The Future Trilogy and it made me laugh so much!

Hover Robot

These 2 games were created by Jack. A brilliant usage of a fluent hovering of a sprite. I was astonished with the end result!

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to try and keep the robot flying on the screen.

Donut Game

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to place the small donut inside the big one. What I love about this game is the fact that Jack have tried to add some instructions at the start to hint how you are supposed to play the game.

Fish Chomp

Use your mouse to control the big fish and eat as many prey as possible within 30 seconds. Score as many points as possible! This is one of the games we have in CodeClub curriculum. What is special about it is the fact that Jacob went an extra mile and added so many more prey and made all of them look differently.


This game is brilliant. I actually had to ask the author how am I suppose to play it, cause it wasn’t that obvious at first. There are 3 objects hidden behind the balls: a laptop, a bowl of chips and a monster. Click on them to score the points. The bouncing balls will not make it easy though and you only have 30 seconds to do that. A hint… the laptop is a decoy and there are actually 2 bowls of chips. Chips are worth 1 point, monster – 5 points.

Whack a Witch

Another game from CodeClub curriculum. Featured here because of the fact that Oliver have put so many witches in the game and customised them. Use your mouse to click on the witches and score points.You have 30 seconds to do that. Faster and smaller witches score more points so look out for them!

Cheesy Paint Brush

Yet another project from CodeClub curriculum. This time an application. Be afraid Microsoft Paint, the Cheesy Paint Brush is coming! Use your mouse to select options in the toolbar below the board. You have a choice of a pencil, stamp and a rubber. You can draw in 13 different colours, including a rainbow pencil. How cool is that! You can also use a rubber to clean a part of your picture and control the thickness of your pencil.

Cheese Monster

Meet the Cheese Monster. But do not be afraid. You can control him using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Press space to make the monster talk… or click the ‘press to talk’ button in the top right corner to say something to the monster. If you say something nice to him, he will be nice to you – try “Are you my friend?”. But if you are nasty and tell him “You smell!” – well you do that at your own risk. He is watching you… watch his eyes as you move you mouse around him…

Angry Birds

This was a big surprise to me. Apparently the kids use Scratch now in the IT curriculum. And they have created this game. Click the green flag to start the game. Specify the angle you want the red bird to fly and hit the green pig.

What the future holds

After Easter, we are gonna start the Web and CSS curriculum with the most experienced kids. And to make it even more fun we are gonna do that using the Raspberry Pis we have received. So watch this space!!! I am sure the kids are gonna get even more creative!

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  • Great read – thanks for sharing. I kick off my first Code Club next week. Really looking forward to it

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